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Grants from Hymns Ancient & Modern

These days, Hymns A&M, is no longer just about hymn books - though that of course remains a very important area for us. We are a modern, forward looking organisation still actively pursuing 'the advancement and promotion of religion' in all its business and charitable work.

Institutional Grant

Surplus funds from our businesses are donated via Grants each year to dozens of organisations around the UK. These include a wide variety of projects, big and small, from schools, churches, colleges - all of which meet the criteria we have for a grant.

The objectives of the charity are:

  • to promote the advancement of religion;

  • to establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of any Charitable Corporation, Association, Institution, College, School,   Society or Body whatsoever which in the opinion of the Association is connected with the work of the Church of England or any Church in   communion with it, and to subscribe and guarantee money for any such charitable purpose;

  • to aid and support any Charitable Corporation, Association, Institution, College, School, Society or Body which may not be in a direct relationship with the Church of England as aforesaid but whose aims and objects are, in the opinion of the Association, such as a Church of England organisation could properly aid and support.

Hymnbook Grant

In order to make certain Hymns Ancient & Modern and Canterbury Press hymn and service books available at the lowest possible cost to parishes, schools, chapels, and others, the Council of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd may make a grant based on 25% of the books ordered, subject to a minimum of 20 copies (in any combination of editions). The grant is given in free books - for example, if you order 100 copies of Ancient & Modern Words Edition you pay for only 75.

For more information and to apply for the grant download the PDF application form or go to to complete the form online.