Joint Liturgical Studies

Joint Liturgical Studies

Joint Liturgical Studies offers a valuable contribution to the study of liturgy.

Each issue considers a particular aspect of liturgical development, such as the origins of the Roman rite, Anglican Orders, welcoming the Baptised, and Anglican Missals. It is aimed at all with an academic interest in worship.

It is published twice a year in partnership with the Alcuin Club, which promotes the study of Christian liturgy, and the Group for Renewal of Worship (GROW).


Latest issue

95: Matthew S. C. Olver, The Identity and Purpose of the Angel in the Roman Canon Missae (2023)



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Past issues

The following is a complete list of all the titles published in this series. Most titles are still in print.

Volumes 1-58 were published by Grove Books Ltd, Ridley Hall Road, Cambridge CB3 9HU. Copies are available from The Alcuin Club.

Volumes 59 and onwards are published by Hymns Ancient & Modern. Copies are available from Church House Bookshop.


1   Roger Beckwith, Daily and Weekly Worship - Jewish to Christian (1987)

2   Paul Bradshaw (ed), The Canons of Hippolytus (1987)

3   Colin Buchanan (ed), Modern Anglican Ordination Rites (1987)

4   James Empereur, Models of Liturgical Theology (1987)

5   Thomas Talley (ed), A Kingdom of Priests: Liturgical Formation of the People of God (1988)

6   Colin Buchanan (ed), The Bishop in Liturgy: An Anglican Symposium (1988)

7   Phillip Tovey, Inculturation: The Eucharist in Africa (1988)

8   Paul Bradshaw (ed), Essays in Early Eastern Initiation (1988)

9   John Baldovin, The Liturgy of the Church in Jerusalem (1989)

10 Donald Withey (ed), Adult Initiation (1989)

11 John Fenwick, 'The Missing Oblation': The Contents of the Early Antiochene Anaphora (1989)

12 Paul Rorem, Calvin and Bullinger on the Lord's Supper (1989)

13-14 (double-volume) W. Jardine Grisbrooke, The Liturgical Portions of the Apostolic Constitutions: A Text for Students (1990)

15  David Holeton (ed), Liturgical Inculturation in the Anglican Communion (1990)

16  Douglas Davies, Cremation Today and Tomorrow (1990)

17  Adrian Burdon, The Preaching Service - the Glory of Methodism (1991)

18  David Power, Irenaeus of Lyon on Baptism and Eucharist (1991)

19  Grant Sperry-White, The Testamentum Domini: A Text for Students (1991)

20  Gordon Jeanes, The Origins of the Roman Rite (1992)

21  Bosco Peters, The Eucharist in New Zealand (1992)

22-23 (double-volume) Ed Foley, Music in the Early Church (1992)

24  Paul James, Eucharistic Presidency (1993)

25 Ric Barrett-Lennard, The Sacramentary of Sarapion of Thmuis: A Text for Students (1993)

26  Phillip Tovey, Communion Outside the Eucharist (1993)

27  David Holeton (ed), Revising the Eucharist: Groundwork for the Anglican Communion (1994)

28  David Gitari (ed) The Kanamai Statement 'African Culture and Anglican Liturgy' with Introduction, Papers read at Kanamai and a First Response (1994)

29-30 (double-volume) Anita Stauffer, On Baptismal Fonts: Ancient and Modern (1994)

31  Fritz West, The Comparative Liturgy of Anton Baumstark (1995)

32 Alan Kreider, Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom (1995)

33 Maxwell Johnson, Liturgy in Early Christian Egypt (1995)

34  Timothy Turner, Welcoming the Baptized (1996)

35  Diana Karay Tripp, Daily Prayer in the Reformed Tradition: An Initial Survey (1996)

36  Edward Phillips, The Ritual Kiss in Early Christian Worship (1996)

37   Peter Doll, 'After the Primitive Christians': The Eighteenth Century Anglican Eucharist in its Architectural Setting (1997)

38  Paul Bradshaw, Coronations Past, Present and Future (1997)

39  David Holeton (ed), Anglican Orders and Ordinations (1997)

40  Phillip Tovey, The Liturgy of St James as Currently Used (1998)

41  Mark Dalby, Anglican Missals (1998)

42  Gordon Jeanes, The Origins of the Roman Rite Vol. 2 (1998)

43  Juliette Day, Baptism in Early Byzantine Palestine (1999)

44  Cesare Alzati (tr. George Guiver), Ambrosianum Mysterium: The Church of Milan and its Liturgical Tradition Vol. 1 (1999)

45  Bryan Spinks, Mar Nestorius and Mar Theodore the Interpreter: The Forgotten Eucharistic Prayers of  East Syria (1999)

46  James Smith, The Eucharistic Theology of the Later NonJurors (2000)

47-48 (double-volume) Cesare Alzati (tr. George Guiver), Ambrosianum Mysterium: The Church of Milan and its Liturgical Tradition Vol. I1 (2000)

49 Baby Varghese, The Syriac Version of the Liturgy of St James: A Brief History for Students (2001)

50  Graham Kings and Geoff Morgan, Offerings from Kenya to Anglicanism: Liturgical Texts and Contents, including 'A Kenyan Service of Holy Communion' (2001)

51 Alistair Stewart-Sykes and Judith Newman, Early Jewish Liturgy: A Source Book for use by Students of Early Christian Liturgy (2001)

52 Martin Connell, Church and Worship in Fifth-Century Rome: The Letter of Innocent I to Decentius of Gubbio: Latin Text and Translation (2002)

53  Alex Hughes, Public Worship and Communion by Extension (2002)

54 Colin Buchanan, The Savoy Conference Revisited (2003)

55  John Gibaut, Sequential or Direct Ordination? A Return to the Sources (2003)

56 Mark Dalby, Infant Communion: From the New Testament to the Reformation (2003)

57  David Hebblethwaite, Liturgical Revision in the Church of England 1984-2004: The Working of the Liturgical Commission (2004)

58  Trevor Lloyd and Phillip Tovey, Celebrating Forgiveness: An Original Text drafted by Michael Vasey (2004)

59  Juliette Day, Proclus on Baptism in Constantinople (2005)

60  Donald Gray, Prayer Book Crisis in the Church of England Part 1: Ritual, Royal Commission and Reply to the Royal Letters of Business (2005)

61  Donald Gray, Prayer Book Crisis in the Church of England Part 2: The cul-de-sac of the 'Deposited Book'…until other order be taken (2006)

62  Ian Tarrant (ed), Anglican Swahili Liturgies (2006)

63 David Holeton and Colin Buchanan, A History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations 1983-2007 (2007)

64  Colin Buchanan, Justin Martyr on Baptism and Eucharist (2007)

65  Christopher Irvine (ed), Anglican Liturgical Identity (2008)

66  Anthony Gelston, The Psalms in Christian Worship: Patristic Precedent and Anglican Practice (2008)

67  Mark Dalby, Infant Communion from the Reformation to the Present Day (2009)

68   Colin Buchanan (ed), The Hampton Court Conference and the1604 Book of Common Prayer (2009)

69   Trevor Lloyd, James Steven and Phillip Tovey, Social Science Methods in Contemporary Liturgical Research: An Introduction (2010)

70  Alistair Stewart, Two Early Egyptian Liturgical Papyri: The Deir Balyzeh Papyrus and the Barcelona Papyrus (2010)

71  Kenneth Stevenson (ed), Anglican Marriage Rites: A Symposium (2011)

72  Andrew Atherstone, Charles Simeon on the Excellence of the Liturgy (2011)

73  Alan Griffiths, Ordo Romanus Primus: Latin Text and Translation (2012)

74   Trevor Lloyd (ed) Rites Surrounding Death: The Palermo Statement with Commentary (2012)

75  Mark Dalby,  Admission to Communion: The Approaches of the Late Medievals and the Reformers (2013)

76  Dominic Keech, Gaudius of Brescia on Baptism and the Eucharist (2013)

77  Thomas O'Loughlin (ed), Liturgical Language and Translation: The Issues Arising from the Revised Translation of the Roman Missal (2014)

78  Paul Bradshaw and Juliette Day, Further Essays on Early Eastern Initiation (2014)

79  Phillip Tovey, Eighteenth Century Anglican Confirmation: Renewing the Covenant of Grace (2015)

80  Paul Bradshaw, Ancient Church Orders (2015)

81  Tim Stratford (ed), The Richard III Reinterment Liturgies (2016)

82  David Wallingford (ed Gordon Jeanes), The Decalogue in the Reformation Liturgies (2016)

83  Neil O'Donoghue, Liturgical Orientation: The Position of the President of the Eucharist (2017)

84  James Steven, Ambrose of Milan on Baptism: A Study of De Sacramentis and De Mysteriis (2017)

85  Stephen R. Shaver, Eucharistic Sacrifice as a Contested Category:A Cognitive Linguistics Approach (2018)

86  Thomas McLean, The Spirit in Liturgy and Doctrine: A liturgical-systematic dialogue in the fourth century church in Egypt and Cappadocia (2018)

87/88 Colin Buchanan and Trevor Lloyd, The Church of England Eucharist 1958-2012 (2019)

89 William Smith, The Use of Hereford: A Medieval Diocesan Rite Reconsidered (2020)

90 Phillip Tovey, Inculturating Liturgy in Sri Lanka (2020)

91 Paul F. Bradshaw, The Apostolic Tradition Reconstructed: A Text for Students (2021)

92 W. Douglas Kornahrens, Bishop Thomas Rattray and his Ancient Liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem (2021)

93 Alice Watson, The (Re)Ritualisation of the Transition to Motherhood within the Church of England (2022)

94 Anthony Gelston, The Language of Intercession (2022)

95 Matthew S. C. Olver, The Identity and Purpose of the Angel in the Roman Canon Missae (2023)




The Alcuin Club promotes the study of Christian Liturgy, especially of the Anglican Communion. It publishes an annual Collection, and has shared with GROW since 1987 in also publishing the Joint Liturgical Studies. Members receive all publications free.

For details of membership contact: The Alcuin Club, St Anne's Vicarage, 182 St Ann's Hill, London SW18 2RS. Telephone: 0208 874 2809. Email:


The Group for Renewal of Worship (GROW) has for 50 years been a focus for forward-thinking, often adventurous, explorations in Anglican worship. It has since 1971 produced from its own members writing, or its commissioning of others, over 200 titles in the Grove Worship Series, and until 1986 also produced Grove Liturgical Studies, before joining the Alcuin Club to provide the present Joint series.

Enquiries about GROW can sent to Grove Books Ltd, Ridley Hall Road, Cambridge CB3 9HU, or to members of the Group.