Image for Matt’s two-year-battle to breathe new life into the UK’s biggest yet emptiest church

Matt’s two-year-battle to breathe new life into the UK’s biggest yet emptiest church

Being Reverend: A Diary
PB, 272 pp, 198 x 126mm, £9.99
Published by Church House Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78140-201-6

“Matt’s honesty, wild humour and huge love of humans shines like gold in this book. He is one super gifted
chap. I love it. Read it now!” – Zoe Ball, BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

“I have known Matt Woodcock for a number of years and it was my privilege to ordain him. God’s Holy
Spirit dwells in him, taking him on an adventurous Jesus-shaped journey. Matt writes with his characteristic
humour and honesty. It’s a story of God’s love. In reading this book, let’s all find God’s love heart for each of
us.” – Archbishop John Sentamu

Meet Matt (aka Woody) - ex-journalist and rookie Reverend.
Trying to grow a struggling church.
Trying not to wreck his home life in the process.
And occasionally just trying.

Likes: Jesus, Sky Sports News, York City FC, Oasis.
Dislikes: Pews, dull sermons, organs.
Boredom threshold: low.
Excitement threshold: high.

Naive? Arrogant? Misguided?
All set on Being Reverend his own way?

Follow Matt Woodcock (Radio 2 regular and author of the best-selling Becoming Reverend) through the highs and lows of starting work at one of Hull’s oldest, biggest and emptiest churches in this hilarious and heart-warming diary.

From masterminding a real ale festival to hiring real camels for a nativity play, Matt is determined to do whatever it takes to breathe new life into this struggling community.

Adding the entrepreneurial (and somewhat excitable) Matt to their clergy line-up is the last throw of the dice for this 700 year-old church. But is Matt ready for such a challenging first assignment? Are his new flock – or his new colleagues – ready for the whirlwind that’s about to descend? And can Matt realize his vision of a joyful, thriving church without wrecking his home life in the process?

Being Reverend is a deeply relatable story of balancing work and family pressures, an inspirational tale of thriving in times of change and uncertainty, and a reminder to us all not to lose hope in tough circumstances.


About the author: Matt Woodcock is a former newspaper journalist. He now lives and ministers in York.
Matt is a regular contributor to Pause for Thought on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

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